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CrunchyRoll hits a huge milestone

Anyone that watches anime most likely knows about the very popular streaming service CrunchyRoll. Recently the streaming service has hit a milestone that sets it apart from other streaming services, CrunchyRoll has finally hit 1 million paid subscribers which makes it the most popular anime/ J- Drama specific streaming service to date. 

The number is pretty small compared to some of the more well known streaming services but it shows that people are willing to pay to watch anime. CrunchyRoll does have a free version of it’s membership but it doesn’t offer the same perks that the paid membership offers. Hopefully anime streaming becomes more relevant and gets to a point where it can possibly come close to competing with some of the bigger services but that’s a bit of a stretch considering that there are other sources for it. 


Amazon launches anime streaming service 

It looks as if Crunchyroll is good to finally get a some decent competition because Amazon has decided to release their own anime streaming service for only $5. The service is called Anime Strike and just from taking a little look at their catalog I have to say that it has a bit better selection than CrunchyRoll. 

It should be known that you don’t have to be a Amazon prime member to use the service. The price is $5 a month for non prime members and $99/ per year for prime members, the reason it’s $99 for members is because that’s the price for Prime anyway and there’s no increase in price for adding the service. There is a 7-day free trial for non prime members and a 30 day trial for members.