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Should Colin Kaepernick be on an NFL team

Former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick currently is one of the more intriguing free agent QB’s at this time. He’s also one of the more controversial free agents due to his lack of preformance over the last 2 years and the fact that he was kneeling during the National Anthem last season. I’m not going to be taking too hard of a look at his protest but it will be talked about, I’m also not going to bash or praise his political views all I’m going to say is that he stood up (or kneeled in this case) which deserves some respect. It also should be made known that the NFL didn’t make players stand for the anthem up until a few years ago. Now I’m going to get back to the main subject. 

Kaepernick was one of the leauges most electrifying players from 2012-2014, he managed to get his team to the Super Bowl where they eventually lost to the Baltimore Ravens. He managed to look like one of the better Quarterbacks up until he got injured in late 2014. After his injury his performance dipped quite a bit and eventually he was replaced by the horrendous Blaine Gabbert. During the 2016 season Kaepernick managed to get back his spot as a starter after Gabbert played like absolute ass to no one’s suprise, Kaepernick managed to throw for 2,2441 yards with 16 touchdowns and completing  just complete 59% of his passes with a 90.7 QBR. His stats seem pretty average but his QBR is the 3rd highest of his career the highest being in 2012 (98.6 QBR). It should aslo be taken into consideration that his team last season wasn’t very good overall with his best receiver being Jeremy Kerley who had 667 yards and he only played 12 games (with a below average team).It should also be noticed that Kap had the second most rushing yards on his team with 428 yards the only player that had more was Carlos Hyde (988 yards).

As far as play goes I wouldn’t consider it a major deterrent because he put up decent stats in 12 games with a offense that was average and a receiving cord that’s arguably worse than the one Carson Wentz has in Philly. The main problem and reason why Kaepernick isn’t signed has to do with his little protest he did last season. Any team that would sign him would have to deal with unnecessary media attention and hate that Kap would attract, that attention would then turn into a distraction because for some reason media outlets will still bring shit up from the past. Some teams like the Jets might not sign him due to their political views but a vast majority of teams would rather not have to deal with the BS that Kap will bring with him. 

Now to answer the question of whether he should be on a team I would say yes…as far as play goes. When it comes to his actions on and off the field I would sign him if I really needed a QB, but for most teams they don’t need desperately need a QB and the few that do either have a guy that knows the playbook well enough or they’re in a good enough position to draft one to be a starter. Overall Kap should be on a team especially since guys like EJ Manuel and Geno Smith found their ways onto rosters and the fact that Mike Glennon is essentially getting $15 million from the Bears even though he hasn’t really played since 2014. Basically all I’m trying to say is that he belongs on a team just not in 2017 because of the attention and most teams kind of know who they want their QB’s to be.

Colts sign WR Kamar Aiken

The Indianapolis Colts managed to sign a WR that can be upgrade their recieving corps and possibly take Phillip Dorsett’s spot since he’s looking like a bust. Former Ravens WR Kamar Aiken is the man who they’ve signed to a 1 year deal, Aiken became the go to receive for Ravens QQB’s Joe Flacco, Matt Schaub (former), Ryan Mallet, & Jimmy Clausen (former) during the 2015 season after Steve Smith sr got injured. 

Aiken would pair well with T.Y Hilton and Donte Moncreif. He’ll most likely be the 4th string option unless the team moves on from Dorsett. In 2015 Aiken had 944 yards on 75 catches with 5 touchdowns. 


Tyrod Taylor takes massivs pay cut, stays with Bills

The Buffalo Bills won’t have to worry so much about their QB situation this season after managing to keep Tyrod Taylor. The former Ravens backup QB took a pay cut of $10 million in order to stay in Buffalo. The new contract also allows the team to move on from him after this season if they need to. 

If Taylor left the Bills then the team would be looking at either EJ Manuel or the second year man from Ohio State Cardale Jones neither of whom are starter matieral (Jones not having much experience and having to split time with J.T Barret at Ohio State). It’s a safe bet to say that the Bills are glad to have a goid QB on their team. 


Browns Trade for Brock Oswiler

Last season the Browns signed former Redskins QB RG3 this year they trade for the very overpaid Brock Oswieler. The Texans were likely than likely glad to rid themselves of Oswieler after horrific play from him in 2016. 

The trade did cost the Texans a 2017 6th rounder and a 2018 2nd rounder, in return they got a 2017 fourth rounder. All in all it looks as though the Texans might be the losers in this trade but tge Browns are always losers in the end. 


Pierre Garçon to join 49ers

The 49ers are starting their rebuilding phase by agreeing to sign Redskins reciever Pierre Garçon. Last season he had 1,041 yards on 79 catches. 

The 49ers will have him paired with Jeremy Kerely but with the Quarterback position still in shambles the niners future is still up in the air. The details of his upcoming contract haven’t been released but I’m sure it’ll be some decent cash because Kyle Sannahan  is goingbto have his back. 

Ravens to sign Danny Woodhead

The Baltimore Ravens are looming to get a half decent running back on their team. Ex- Chargers RB Danny Woodhead fits the description pretty well and he’ll  provide some competition for Terrance West ( if he gets resigned) and possibly Javarious “Buck” Allen.

Woodhead is more of a finess back that has recieving skills. If he wins the starting job the team might turn him into a probowler the way they did with Justin Forsett. He could even provide a nice one two combo of Speed & Strength with Terrance West given that he gets resigned. Woodhead has 2,182 yards and 15 TDs since he entered the leauge in 2008. Overall the move is good considering the Ravens are kind of strapped for cash this year but they do need to get a better back or have a interchangeable pair of backs. 


Bills cut ties with CB Robey-Coleman 4 other players

It’s starting to look like the Bills are going through a rebuilding stage with them releasing several players and keeping Tyrod Taylor’s future a mystery. Recently the Bills cut 5 players who might get picked up by another team. 

The orginazation cut DB Nickell Robey-Coleman who had 162 tackels and 3 interceptions during his time in Buffalo. The team also cut kicker Dan Carpenter who has struggled over the past two seasons. Alongside Coleman & Carpenter the Bills also released Long Snapper Garrison Sanborn, Tight End Gerald Christian, & DB Phillip Thomas. The bills are obviously looking to bring in more depth players and are moving on from the short Rex Ryan era. 


Ex Jets WR Brandon Marshall wants to play for Steelers

2017 looks too be one hell of a year for free agents with names like Alshon Jeffery, AJ Bouye, & several other big plagers on the market. Ex Bears & Jets receiver Brandon Marshall is one of the top free agents after requesting to be released from the Jets. The veteran wide out won’t cost too much considering he’s coming off the worst season of his career and he’s 32. 

Marshall would be a good addition to go alongside Antonio Brown and if Martavis Bryant could stay out of trouble the Steelers could have one of the best receiving corps in the NFL. Marshall will definetly draw some attention given that he’s just one season removed from a 1,500 yard season but if he truly wanys to play fir Pittsburgh then it should definitely be easy to get him. 


Johnny Manziel Drawing “Interest” from NFL Teams

The former 2014 1st round pick by the Cleveland Browns is attempting to make a return to the NFL. The Quarterback is back with the agent who dropped him last year because of Manziel’s behavior off the field. Teams have a good reason for being interested in Manziel he did manage to do decent with that 2015 Browns team. 

Manziel only has one 300+ yard game which came against the Pittsburgh Steelers ( which isn’t all that special since that year only about 3 QB’s didn’t light us up for close to 300 yards) he also only has 7TDs and 7INTs with 1,675 passing yards to his name. If he could produce the way he did at Texas A&M he could definitely be a top shelf QB but he’ll need competent players around him not guys like Travis Benjamin of he’s going to be successful. 


Steelers release CB Justin Gilbert

On Monday the Steelers released the former 1st round pick Justin Gilbert to no one’s surprise. Gilbert was traded during the preseason in an exchange that gave the Browns a 2018 6th round draft pick. Throughout the 2016 season Gilbert was mostly on special teams and didn’t really see any defensive snaps. 

In Pittsburgh he appeared in 12 games. His release doesn’t impact much especially since DeMarcus Ayers might be the return man next season. Gilbert was drafted 8th overall in 2014 by the Cleveland Browns