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Manga Inpressions: Dolly Kill Kill

I had been putting this manga off for a few months now and I must say that me doing that was a fucking mistake. 

Plot: Dolly Kill Kill centers around a world where the human race has been all but wiped out by beings called Dollies. These Dollies invaded Earth during the very first chapter of the manga using mosquito/wasp like insects to kill many while they themselves slaughtered more humans. Half a year later most of humanity is dead and the world being in a sort of Mad Max apocalyptic state with the dollies still being present. The remaining humans are either going fucking crazy and doing whatever they want or they’re trying to rid the world of these dollies. 

Dolly Kill Kill focuses around Iruma who was a normal highschool student up until the invasion. During the invasion he lost his his best friend and his crush which made him a regret driven psychopath that gives no fucks about his own life. 

Iruma’s really lost it

Iruma does calm down a bit though he’s not sane through the first 29 chapters (that’s all I’ve read so far). He manages to stay somewhat sane until a Dolly comes around then he goes full Eren Jeager. 

The manga’s art is very well done and definitely suits its somewhat insane action scenes. My main problem with the art is that some of the characters look too goofy. So far the plot is solid with their being several characters that could be deemed important which gives the manga options when it comes to choosing a perspective. The manga takes advantage of this when it switches over to Kyujin Namekata. 

The manga switchtes back and forth between Namekata and Iruma perspectives for the next while. 

Overall the manga has a good story that’s starting to develop with characters that should develop nicely. I expect Iruma to become more fleshed out instead of a crazy doll killing maniac. Dolly Kill Kill is best suited for people that enjoy action manga, the manga is listed as a horror manga but don’t let that label fool you the manga doesn’t really have any horror elements. So far I’d give the manga a 8.5/10. 

Black Lagoon is making a comeback 

This is by far the best news I’ve heard all year one of my favorite anime of all time is getting more chapters and the anime is going to continue. According to the Plug in the January edition of ” Shogakukan Monthly Sunday GX” it will be announced that Rei Hiroe will resume the Black Lagoon manga in Spring. 

Cover from the manga

Hiroe also is going to be working on an anime titled “Re: Creators” that’s going to launche next year. If you haven’t read the Black Lagoon manga I encourage you to read it and if you haven’t watched the anime I definitely encourage you watch it and the OVA Roberta’s Blood Trail. 

Viz Media to Release Gangsta Cursed 

The popular manga Gangsta is getting it’s prequel manga released by Viz Media. The title of the manga is Gangsta Cursed, the story is the original author Kohske and the art is by Syuhei Kamo. The manga gives the background for many of the characters in the anime and manga. 

The manga is set to release December 20th although you can find it on other sources. 

Akame Ga Kill Manga To End on December 22nd

The manga of the hit 2014 anime Akame Ga Kill is set to end on December 22nd when it will release it’s 15th volume. Personally I never finished the anime because I really didn’t like the direction the story was heading. I may pick it back up since I heard the the manga’s story isn’t exactly the same as the anime’s. 

The manga has been running in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker magazine since 2010 and entered its final arc in the 12th volume back in 2014. If you’re a fan of Akame Ga Kill then let me know who your favorite character was or what your favorite moment from either the manga or anime was.

Darker Than Black Series Review

Darker Than Black was a show that was released in 2008 and is very much mediocore the show managed to get a second season (which isn’t much.of a surprise considering ’08 was a pretty weak year). Studio Bones produced the show and it got liscened by Funimation the original run was from ’07-’09.


Season 1 

 Ten years ago, “Hell’s Gate” appeared around Tokyo. This mysterious field caused the stars in the sky to disappear and extraordinary powers to awaken within humans. These humans, called Contractors, use their powers for their own ends but only at the cost of a personal remuneration. In this world of the supernatural, Hei, a Contractor himself, Yin, a blind “Doll”, and Huang, a no-nonsense enforcer, work for a mysterious syndicate bent on unlocking the secrets of Hell’s Gate and eliminating any other Contractors that get in their way.

Season 2

After the Syndicate failed to destroy all Contractors, it is continuing its struggle to gain dominance in the dark crevices of the underworld. In order to expand its power, the organization has sent their best Contractors to acquire a powerful Contractor Shion Pavlichenko. Just as the Syndicate’s agents attempt to acquire Shion, several fierce battles takes place. Surrounded by the corpses of slain Contractors, a much worn down Hei acquires who he believes to be Shion but he soon realizes that all he has found is Shion’s twin sister, Suou.

Animation 7.5/10

The animation is a bit dated but it still does a solid job of looking good and looking decent during action scenes. Overall it looks pretty damn good although it could be a bit smoother at certain times. 

Music 6/10 

Outside of the openings and endings the music isn’t anything special. The only good ending was the ending for the Second season which was performed by abbingdon School boys

Voice Acting 8/10

In both the English and Japanese dubs the VA was pretty damn good with Mao and November 11th having the best VA’s in season one and Hei having the best VA in season two. (Due to a lack of non-sterotypical voices) I will say that the VA that played Hei sounded a bit flat. 

Characters 4/10

The characters in Darker Than Black are pretty flat although they had some interesting backgrounds, especially Suou in season two. Had they jumped on these back stories the show would’ve been at least two times better.

What I Liked

The fights in this anime were almost reminiscent of X-men sure too the contractors having varying abilities and varying skill sets. Even though the animation it’s dated it still looks good and fits the show.

What I Hated

(Yes this is done differently from what I liked, this is because I’m debating on which format I prefer)

  • The show never goes much into the characters back stories much only giving a brief overview
  • The lack of good music 
  • The lack of personality that plauged most of the characters 

Rating 6.5/10

Overall the show was pretty decent but there will be some questions left unanswered when you finish the show. I recommend watching the OVAs before you watch the second season because it will clear up some questions about Yin. If you like action supernatural anime then this anime is a go just be wary that the story is a little weak

The Bleach Manga Is Set To End In 10 Weeks

If you’re a 90’s kid like me then you most likely watched Adult Swim and if you’re an anime fan that watched Adult Swim the that’s probably where you got exposed to Bleach.  If you don’t know what Bleach is then you should be ashamed and go look it up and watch it. After the 74th volume the only show from the big three left will be One Piece, much like Chris Bosh is the only player still on the Heat after the Big 3 Era. The announcement was made by Shonen Jump editor Hisashi Sasaki meaning that my childhood shows are all gone. 

The only show that seems as if it won’t end is One Piece, because let’s face it that show probably won’t end until 15 years from now. The only big problem left it’s that now there’s going to be a big whole to fill as far as manga go, but hopefully they make a spinoff.

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Tenkuu Shinpan Chapter 1 Review ((Spoilers))

(Disclaimer: This is my first and rather sad attempt to review a manga any that I do in the future will be longer and more detailed)
Story:The Manga starts off with the main character Yuri Hondo standing over a dead body which pretty much told me that it was gonna some type of horror manga. The Manga proceeds with her running away from the killer that was near her in a rather large buildings. Once she gets outside she realizes that she is in a place full of high rise buildings which makes me think that it’s down town Tokyo because just about every Manga or anime that has skyscrapers or high rises takes place in Tokyo, but she says that it’s not Tokyo. She attempts to call the police but doesn’t succeed. Now you may be wondering why she doesn’t try to go to the first floor that’s because the ground floor is blocked off which is very suspicious. Yuri manages to contact her brother who manages to inform her that they are both in a parallel world (because phones work in a parallel world). I do want to know how they got in this alternate world but that will most likely be explained later. Her brother also informs her that each building is connected by bridges (which is so convenient) the fact that her brother knows as much as he does about this world makes me a little suspicious of him.
The art in this Manga is well done epically when it shows her running or moving. I would recommend this Manga just based on the first chapter, the story has potential and has peaked my interest. This Manga seems best suited for those who like psychological, horror, or mystery Manga. My rating for the first chapter would be 7.5/10. Read the Manga and tell me your thoughts on it I would be interested to see what other people may find suspicious about it