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Cavs to waive Andrew Bogut

The cavs thought that they were going to get some decent play from former Golden State Warrior Andrew Bogut but fate had other plans. Bogut breaking his tibia less than a minute into his Cavs debut against the Miami Heat making his signing just about useless. 

The team plans to waive Bogut to sign another center and waive Andrew Liggins to save some money. Bogut was signed after the Mavericks brought him out of his contract as he didn’t meet expectations and let’s just say that he definitely didn’t meet expectations in Cleveland.  


Lebronless Cavs lose 2 in a row against Miami

The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost two games back to back against the Miami Heat with the score being 120-92 & 106-98. This isnt much of a suprise since Lebron led teams tend to struggle without him. 

Currently the Cavs are the team that everyone believes that will represent tge East in the NBA finals. If Lebron were to get injured it’s likely that a team like Toronto would make it to the Finals. After their last game Lebron’s former team is barely out of the playoff picture but they’re on the edge of tbe 8th seed in the Eastern Conference   

Heat Waive Derrick Williams, Sign Okaro White to 2yr Deal

The Heat have now won 11 straight games with their 115-113 win over the Memphis Grizzlies but one player on the team won’t be with them to help them anymore. That player is the former New York Knick Derrick Williams who was picked up as a free agent prior to the season. Williams was waived in favor of rookie forward Okaro White from Florida State. 

White was signed to a 2 year deal, if Williams isn’t claimed off of waivers then the Heat will have to dish out $5 million because of contract obligations. White’s contract has him covered for the remainder of the season. 

Miami Heat Win Their 10th Straight Game

Last night Hassan Whiteside and the Miami Heat beat the Philadelphia 76ers 125-102 winning their 10th Straight game and setting them two games behind the last playoff seed in the Eastern Conference. It wasn’t too long ago that the heat were looking like one of the worst teams in the NBA. The Heat were the second worst team I the East and we’re looking like they were trying to tank for a draft pick. But that all changed with a 109-103 victory over James Harden and the Houston Rockets. In that game Harden dropped 40 points. 

No one can really pin point the exact reason the Heat have gone on this winning streak but the play of PG Goran Dragic and SG Dion Waiters is a likely cause. Regardless of the reason me and the rest of the Heat fans are glad that they’re winning. It’s likely that the Heat could win their next 3-4 games and end the season with a positive record with the way they’re playing.