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Heat Waive Derrick Williams, Sign Okaro White to 2yr Deal

The Heat have now won 11 straight games with their 115-113 win over the Memphis Grizzlies but one player on the team won’t be with them to help them anymore. That player is the former New York Knick Derrick Williams who was picked up as a free agent prior to the season. Williams was waived in favor of rookie forward Okaro White from Florida State. 

White was signed to a 2 year deal, if Williams isn’t claimed off of waivers then the Heat will have to dish out $5 million because of contract obligations. White’s contract has him covered for the remainder of the season. 

Miami Heat Win Their 10th Straight Game

Last night Hassan Whiteside and the Miami Heat beat the Philadelphia 76ers 125-102 winning their 10th Straight game and setting them two games behind the last playoff seed in the Eastern Conference. It wasn’t too long ago that the heat were looking like one of the worst teams in the NBA. The Heat were the second worst team I the East and we’re looking like they were trying to tank for a draft pick. But that all changed with a 109-103 victory over James Harden and the Houston Rockets. In that game Harden dropped 40 points. 

No one can really pin point the exact reason the Heat have gone on this winning streak but the play of PG Goran Dragic and SG Dion Waiters is a likely cause. Regardless of the reason me and the rest of the Heat fans are glad that they’re winning. It’s likely that the Heat could win their next 3-4 games and end the season with a positive record with the way they’re playing. 

Colts Punter Pat McAfee retires 

One of the more comical special teamers in the League retired recently. Colts Punter Pat McAfee retires at age 29 and will be a member of Barstool Sports. McAfee was a probowler in 2015 & 2016. Originally drafted back in 2009 he was one of the better punters in the NFL ad had signed a 5 year contract which would had played him a total of $6 million over the next 2 years. 

McAfee was most retired due to the 3 knee surgeries he’s had over the last 3 years. McAfee had his moments including a first down pass against the Steelers on Thanksgiving day in 2016. The site McAfee will be writing for is a blogging comedy website which fits him since he did a comedy tour. McAfee played nine seasons in the NFL. 


5 2017 Options for Bears QB Jay Cutler

If you haven’t heard by now bears QB Jay Cutler is going to have season ending shoulder surgery. The bears are most likely to trade or cut him if there is a good quarterback available. Cutler has spent the last 8 seasons in Chicago, before that he played for the Denver Broncos. At the age of 33 he may have 3-4 years left in his tank given that he can still throw well after the surgery and if he can stay healthy.

5: Arizona Cardinals 

The Cardinals may not have Carson Palmer come next season if  he decides to retire meaning that they’ll have to rely on Drew Stanton, a drafted QB,sign a Quarterback in free agency, or trade for a QB. It’s more likely that they would sign a QB in free agency. Cutler would be pretty expensive but he could allow a mid round draft pick to develop and learn the playbook. He would be able to excel under Bruce Arians offense with all the weapons that offense has like Malcom Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson.

4: San Francisco 49ers

The 9ers don’t have any good Quarterbacks on their roster and will definitely be looking for a Quarterback after the season is over. Kaepernick will most likely be gone next year or will serve as a back up, Gabbert probably won’t even be on a team meaning that they need a quarterback. Offensively San Francisco doesn’t have many weapons so Cutler will struggle some especially if Chip Kelly is still the head coach.

3: Miami Dolphins

The dolphins have a rather strange QB situation with Ryan Tannehill. Sonwtimes he does great other times he can’t even throw for 100 yards. If Tannehill starts to play how he did earlier in the season then it’s a safe bet that they’ll move on from him.

2: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags have Blake Bottles a very talented QB but he often under preforms meaning that if Gus Bradley us fired then Bortles may find himself on the bench. The Jags have a good offense consisting of WR’s Allen Hurns ans Allen Robinson, TE Julius Thomas, and RB’s TJ Yeldon & Chris Ivory. Those weapons would definitely allow Cutler to get out the deep ball and if they could get a running game going then they could be a playoff contender. The only problem would be their O-line.

1: New York Jets

The Jets practically need a new Quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick fell off, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty flat out can’t be long term solutions and Christian Hackenberg still needs to develop some. In New York Cutler would be reunited with former teammate WR Brandon Marshall who just so happens to be the Jets #1 receiver, alongside him he would have former Broncos receiver Eric Decker and another former teammate RB Matt Forte. The damage that could be done with Cutler at the helm of their offense would make the jets a playoff contender.

Personally I think the team that bestfits him is the Arizona Cardinals. Weapons like Malcom Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald would show that given the right assessts Cutler isn’t as bad as people think, he would also have the help of a very potent defense that can force turnovers and stop opponents from scoring.

Geno Smith to start for Jets against the Ravens

The Jets finally decided to bench Ryan Fitzpatrick after what was undoubtedly the worst start to a season by a Jets QB in at least 4 years. Unfortunately the man they’re starting this week isn’t much better, and they probably should’ve just picked up a veteran free agent or traded for a QB like Mike Glennon. But what they should’ve done aside Geno Smith isn’t a good QB at all and they could’ve just kept Fitz as the starter instead of benching him.

The Jets have bigger problems they need to fix like the shitty pass defense they have especially considering that the Ravens have a talented offense that has players like Joe Flacco, Steve Smith, Terrance West, Breshaun Perriman, and Mike Wallace. Overall the Jets are gonna take a fat L with a score of 33-13 because their offense and defense simply won’t do well against Baltimore

49ers To Start Kaepernick Against The Bills

So the 49ers controversial QB is set to take the reigns of their offense against the Bills on Sunday. This would be the first time he’s thrown a pass since the preseason due to him recovering from several injuries. Personally I think that they should’ve been started Kaepernick especially with Gabberts bad play. 

It makes since that they decided to switch quarterbacks considering Gabbert is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league (next to Broxk Osweiler and Ryan Fitzpatrick). Kaepernick also restructured his contract with the 49ers which is essentially a 2 years deal. This new contract essentially means that he’s either going to jump ship or Try to get a better deal once the season is over. 

4 Teams That Should Sign WR Markus Wheaton In 2017

So Steelers wide receiver Markus Wheaton is in the final year of his rookie contact and he had off of a pretty good 2015 campgain most notably his 200+ yard game against the Seahawks. A question many may ask is why would the Steelers let Wheaton leave in free agency, there are a few reasons why but it’ll most likely be because of the amount he can get from another team coupled with the fact that he can be replaced with Eli Rodgers. Wheaton has shown that he could be a capable #1 or even a capable #2, which leads to a small problem…for Pittsburgh and that’s the fact that he can demand a pretty sizable contract which won’t work for them since they have to re-sign Bell and Brown. 

Luckily for Wheaton or rather some Teams he has enough talent and skill to get with another team. So without any further delay here’s 5 possible landing spots for Steelers WR Markus Wheaton. 

4) San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a team that seemingly lack many offensive weapons, or possibly it’s their quarter back Blaine Gabbert. Out side of Torry Smith San Francisco doesn’t have any real legitimate receiving threats. If they can get a good QB i.e. Colin Kapernick ( who’s already on their roster) then they’d really be able to burn Defenses with Smith and Wheaton.

3)Kansas City Chiefs 

The Chief’s have a great offense but other than Jeremy Maclin thry don’t have any real threats. Chris Conely is a fine WR but he isn’t good enough to be their #1 should Maclin go down. Wheaton could provide a reliable target for Alex Smith and be their #1 should Maclin get injured.

2) Minnesota Vikings

Now the Vikings have a great offense that includes TE Kyle Rudolph, WR Stephon Diggs, and RB Adrian Peterson. Somehow they’re undefeated with Sam Bradford at the helm, but they still lack some weapons in their receiving corp. Wheaton is more than capable of being their #2 or even taking Diggs spot as the #1. 

1)Tenessee Titans 

The Titans are a tricky  team one game they look good and the next they look like the worst team in the league. The problem mostly stems from their weak offense although their defense isn’t too good either. Wheaton would be able to give Mariota another reliable target that can catch and run and then double as a possession receiver. 

Broncos To Start Trevor Siemean Against Panthers 

The Broncos quarterback situation looks pretty bad with their former third string QB being named the starter this year. Personally I thought Sanchez would be the starter for the first 6-7 weeks then Paxton Lynch would take over, but no Siemean looks to be the starter this year and it seems like they’re hoping for a Kirk Cousins-ish performance from him. 

Since I know little about Siemean other than the fact that he played in college at Northwestern and previously wore #3 I thought that I’d give a little prediction for the season opener

Den 14 Car 24

Siemean 122 yds 1td 3int

CJ Anderson 17 carries 106yds


Newton 234yds 2td 2int

J. Stewart 

18 carries 98 yds

I’ll give the win to Cariolina in this game they’ll struggle against the Broncos defense even though Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan signed with other teams the Broncos still have a plethora of  notable players on defense especially on their D-line and in their secondary (i.e Wolfe, Ray, Miller, Ward). The Broncos offense will definitely struggle due to the fact that Siemean has never played a meaningful down in the leauge. In reality this game could go either way but it’s more likely that Denver is going to take a L and prepare for week 2, their best shot at the playoffs (at the QB position) may just be Mark Sanchez (I can’t believe I said that) since he’s the only one with any playoff experience well shit he’s the only QB on the team who’s done anything in the NFL. 


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Just How Bad Was Antwon Blake

If you watched any steelers games over the past 2 years then you would’ve noticed that our secondary got burned a lot. The weak link in our secondary over the last 2 years was a man named Antwon Blake, he was without a doubt one of the worst corners in the league. He stands at 5’9 which is pretty short for a guy who isn’t a slot corner, his small size created some unfavorable matchups on the outside leading to a lot of completed passes. Despite that Blake did have some up sides, mainly his tackling which was pretty damn good (especially compared to the other DB’s). 

Last year Blake had 3 picks one of which was a pick-6 against the Chargers. He shows decent skills when he picks off the ball, usually taking it back for a good gain. His coverage skills need some work which is pretty evident by the number of completions against him. 

Overall Blake it’s a decent CB who should really be covering the slot WR. He best fits as a special teams player or a sub package player, there’s no reason for him to be a starter. If he works on his coverage skills he’ll make a decent defensive back but until then he’ll most likely remain a special teamer or depth player.


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The Awkward Case Of Landry Jones

As a Steelers fan the sight of Landry Jones on the field (playing for us) disgust me. Jones is going into his 4th season and what I believe if the final year of his rookie contract, last year he started 2 games and played in 7 due to Big Ben and Vick both being injured. Landry did manage to put up some reasonable numbers against the Cardinals & Chiefs. Although after that he looked like complete trash. His most recent outing was against the Eagles a game in which he threw 4 picks and we were shut out 17-0. 

After that bad preformance the Steelers signed former Bronco/Raven Bryn Renner. The signing could mean that they’re preparing to cut Jones, which would actually be a good move since it’s likely that we can’t trade him for anything. Renner and Vaughn will most likely compete for the 3rd QB spot with Gradkowski injured. Ultimately Jones most likely won’t be wearing the Black and Gold after this season sure to his put performance over the past 4 years with the team and not improving much since being drafted back in ’12. 

There is one more thing that needs to be adressed and that’s the fact that Jones knows the playbook and how the offense runs but he plays like it’s his first time being in our offense. Now a Jones Sympathizer might say that he’s with 3rd string wideouts which it’s true but even when he was with the first team he still made mistakes that most QB’s make for example against the Chiefs he threw a pick to a linebacker due to him throwing it directly above him. That’s a mistake that even Johnny Manziel wouldn’t even make. The best thing for the steelers to do is bench Jones for the next two games and just let Bryn Renner prove his worth and possibly take Jones’s spot.
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